Rage Against the Publicity Machine

The Rage Against The Machine challenge to XFactor’s Christmas number one is an interesting case study for building an online presence, something I will need to start in earnest next year.

It seems to me that the success of the Rage campaign is down to positioning itself directly against a rolling publicity juggernaut and playing the underdog. And the choice of a 17 year old anti-authoritarian track appeals to the market sector least likely to support XFactor…polarising the market even further and leveraging social networks to achieve saturation.

It’s a strategy that may only work once, but I’ll certainly bear it mind in my own efforts at publicising my next project, Winter.

For the record, I bought the album and live versions of Killing in the Name. Rage on!

[Update 1] I should also note that I expect this post to spike my traffic like Vlad the Impaler 🙂 I’ll update later to tell you if I was right…
[Update 2] Hmm, a pretty poor spike if I’m honest – 2 views. Still, that’s a 30-40% increase on my normal traffic! I must get one of those “Nobody reads my blog” T-shirts.

Blogging Handicap

It has quickly become apparent that I’m short on game design blogging material – because what I do at TT is obviously confidential, and I don’t play as many games outside work as I used to…I have a little girl now who prefers Daddy to play at being a pony than a Renaissance assassin.

Still, the holidays are coming and my wife and I spent the whole of last Christmas in the Capitol Wasteland, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on the state of the art.

Any gaming parents out there, your top tips are welcome 🙂