Index Card Frenzy

I’m a bit behind on pages, as my ScriptFrenzy profile shows. But tonight I have managed to index card 80% of the story – just got to sort out the endgame.
It doesn’t make an immediate difference to my page count, but I now have 26 empty scenes all ready to flesh out, and a much clearer idea of how my key plot and character points fit together. So I can really start jumping around the story now, writing the stuff that I’ve had in my head for years, which will inform the less developed sections. That page count is an excellent motivator…

3 thoughts on “Index Card Frenzy

    • I think I first learned about it from Robert Rodriguez’ “Rebel Without a Crew” – an excellent read. I’ve been using the virtual index cards built into which reorder your script automatically when you shuffle the index cards around. Nifty!

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