Incredible Jewellery

Slightly off-topic, but well worth a look. My wife makes jewellery, and has entered her latest and greatest creation in an online competition. It’s an incredible Renaissance mask made entirely out of tiny crystal beads and wire. Go admire it, and rate her work!

Secret Love Boudoir Beautiful UK.

Teaser details for “Winter”

Scriptwriter extraordinaire Steve Turnbull has announced details of our latest project on his blog, adaddinsane. This is the flagship project in our shared story-world, which is very exciting because the setting Steve has created is far too rich to fully explore in one short serial.

The words “epic” and “independent” are strange bedfellows, but I think we have the right mix of skills to pull it off. I’m particularly impressed with the script – it’s technically draft 2, but in practice it’s a complete rewrite, bringing the core storyline into our shared world. Somehow Steve has managed to fix all the issues various readers had with draft one, AND throw in a host of additional layers of story.

Head on over to his blog for some tantalising hints about the story – we’ll reveal more details once pre-production starts in earnest…