Ludum Dare 20

I’ve had a busy spring. Once LEGO Clone Wars was done, we dived straight into helping to finish LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, so the crunch just rolled on into that project. Damn those immovable movie release dates. But Pirates is all done and dusted now, and I’m looking forward to playing that with Evie (LEGO zombies not too scary).

I’ve taken the Easter week off and spent some much-needed time with the family, and it just so happened that the weekend before returning to work is Ludum Dare – the increasingly popular 48 hour solo game dev contest. It would be rude not to.

Voting on this contest’s theme is down to the final 20, and I’ve got ideas for a half-dozen or so of ’em. Spent the last few evenings learning the basics of several new skills: rigging, animating, composing…feeling more-or-less ready now, but I doubt that’ll last long.

EDIT, TWO MONTHS LATER: I forgot to update my own blog. My entry was “Lonely Fortress” – check out some of the winners, there were several brilliant games produced in this contest.

Also check out my trivia post over on the Ludum Dare site, which has some anecdotes about the weekend.