Rage Against the Publicity Machine

The Rage Against The Machine challenge to XFactor’s Christmas number one is an interesting case study for building an online presence, something I will need to start in earnest next year.

It seems to me that the success of the Rage campaign is down to positioning itself directly against a rolling publicity juggernaut and playing the underdog. And the choice of a 17 year old anti-authoritarian track appeals to the market sector least likely to support XFactor…polarising the market even further and leveraging social networks to achieve saturation.

It’s a strategy that may only work once, but I’ll certainly bear it mind in my own efforts at publicising my next project, Winter.

For the record, I bought the album and live versions of Killing in the Name. Rage on!

[Update 1] I should also note that I expect this post to spike my traffic like Vlad the Impaler 🙂 I’ll update later to tell you if I was right…
[Update 2] Hmm, a pretty poor spike if I’m honest – 2 views. Still, that’s a 30-40% increase on my normal traffic! I must get one of those “Nobody reads my blog” T-shirts.

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